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Empirical Research in the Social Sciences (ERSS): Design, Implementation and Write-up

ERSS1_Syllabus_2022_REVISED Nov 2022

ERSS 1 Final Paper Guidelines 2022

ERSS 1 Fieldwork Guidelines 2022

This course focuses on the logic of theory-driven and empirically-based social science research and the process underlying scientific production. We emphasize the practical steps that enable scholars to design their research project, formulate testable hypotheses, and select the data and analysis techniques most suitable for answering the project’s research question(s). Equally important, the course teaches you how to read published academic studies to critically assess their merits and limitations, and how to write up research projects to meet the requirements and expectations of major English-language social science publication outlets, especially those of peer-reviewed journals like the American Sociological Review, European Sociological Review, and Qualitative Sociology.

The course comprises two independent and complimentary components that follow one another during the academic year. Part I of the course is in Semester 1 and is about the practicalities of moving from research design to research implementation. Part II is in Semester 2 and focuses on reading and writing social science publications.